CT “Park Residence” has resumed its work!

The cottage town “Park Residence” is being built in the picturesque town of Bucha, in the Kiev region, in the native peaceful Ukraine.

Until February 24, our company was actively developing in the construction market, we built more than 200 houses in which young, happy families settled.

Received the “COUNTRY CHOICE” award and gained momentum, planning the construction of new facilities. However, since February 24, the life of all Ukrainians has changed. russia attacked our country, destroying cities and villages, killing civilians. But we didn’t break! Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and local heroes, we returned to our homes and resume our work!

The “Park Residence” team continues to complete the projects started earlier and begins the construction of new ones!

We really want the dreams of a new home not to be put off for the future! Together we will rebuild our cities and native Ukraine and live even better! We believe in the AFU! We believe in victory! We believe in Ukraine!

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Service 24/7
Service 24/7
Service available at Family Park Residence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Restaurant food delivery to your home
Food delivery from the supermarket
Organization of celebrations and banquets
Holiday home decorating
Housekeeping services, full cleaning
Gardener's services
Electrician and plumbing services
Children's room «BABYSITTER- HOME»
Beauty Salon
Two swimming pools (for children and adults)
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